Johnny Ruffo gives positive update on his health status

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"I've got lots of big plans."

It's been a long journey for actor and musician Johnny Ruffo, who revealed he was battling a brain tumour back in 2017. 

It seems, however, that the worst may be behind the former Home and Away star.

Ruffo, 30, spoke with The Daily Mail at the opening night of Sydney's production of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical on Friday evening and shared that he's almost "in the clear completely"

"I'm going really good. My next scan is in three weeks and provided that's all clear then I'm in the clear completely," he told the website. 

"That will be my last scan for now and then I've got to get another one every three months - you've got to keep checking up on it."

Speaking about his diagnosis with Fitzy and Wippa back in 2017, Ruffo revealed that if he had not sought out medical attention when he did, he would have died:

“I spoke to the neurosurgeon that did the operation… he said to me look, you know, if you hadn’t come in when you did you would’ve died that night. You would’ve had a brain aneurysm and not woken up at all.” 

Ruffo revealed there was a one-in-twenty chance he’d die from the operation on his seven-centimetre tumour, which could have been growing for as long as 10 years.

Now well on the road to recovery, the Aussie star has mentioned that in 2019 he will be focusing on getting back into music, as well as an eventual proposal for his girlfriend of three years, Tahnee Sims. 

Image: Instagram

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo