John Mayer has FINALLY revealed his third nipple in weird publicity stunt

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A "world exclusive" on his own IG show.

John Mayer’s body really is a wonderland - something he’s capitalising on to create hype for his new Instagram Live show, Current Mood

Chatting with bud Andy Cohen on Sunday night's episode, the two friends discussed ways to generate interest in Mayer’s online show by making headline-worthy content. 

So, out came the third nipple... naturally.

​(To be fair… the nipple has literally made headlines.) 

It's like we didn't even know we were waiting for this. 

"This is a Current Mood first,” Mayer announced. 

"No, this is a world exclusive!” quipped Cohen. 

And without further ado, Mayer raises his shirt and if you squint, you can kinda see it? 

Scrub to the 23:00 mark and have a geez. 

The "supernumerary nipple” is situated just below Mayer’s right nipple, but to be fair, Andy was having so much fun playing with it that it's kinda hard to pick out.

"Is your third nipple sensitive?” Cohen asked.

"No, but my first and second aren’t either,” said Mayer.

Well, that's about all we needed to know about that. 

Any further nipple-related questions should be directed to Mayer's GP, Mother, or IG page. 

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