John Krasinski reveals he sent nude pics to someone who isn't his wife Emily Blunt

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The person who got them is someone totally unexpected!

John Krasinski has established himself as something of a wunderkind director and funny man over the last few years thanks to his various pranks and the masterpiece that was The Quiet Place.

And as it turns out, he's also something of a fan of sending nude pics to people who isn't his lovely wife, Emily Blunt.

Okay, bear with us for a moment because the story is actually pretty funny and not as damning as it initially sounds.

During a recent appearance on Ellen, John explained that he and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got to become good friends after they were introduced by Emily, and they soon began working out together in Dwayne's famous travelling gym, The Iron Paradise.

The Quiet Place director then revealed that after working out, he would then send nude photo himself post-workout to Dwayne because apparently he likes "really imtimate sweat on all his equipment." 

Uh huh. Call it whatever you wanna call it, John!

Since John is something of a prankster, it wasn't 100% confirmed whether he actually sent nudies to Dwayne or whether he was just making up a great story to entertain Ellen and her audience.

Until Dwayne took to Twitter and confirmed that he has indeed received some very sweaty and very naked photos of his new BFF.

Now our favourite bromance right now is Hugh Jackman and his best frenemy Ryan Reynolds, but whatever John Krasinski and Dwayne Johnson has got going on between them is rapidly becoming our new fave.

Having said all that, we do wonder what Emily has to say about John sending nude pics to Dwayne!

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Written By Alexander Pan