Joel Creasey reveals his 'anger' at Freddie Flintoff for cheating on I'm A Celeb

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"It didn't cross my mind!"

Four years ago one of the best reality series, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! started on our small screens.

The very first series had our very own Chrissie Swan and other big names like Joel Creasey and winner of season one Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff.

However, the former England cricket captain has now revealed he CHEATED ON the show.

During an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live podcast, the 41-year-old revealed he actually left the camp several times a day for fresh water away from his co-stars.

Creasey was on Nova's Summer Breakfast with Matt, Sarah and Matty J and jokingly revealed he was angry with good friend Flintoff.

Host Sarah McGilvray asked Creasey whether he knew about the cheating saga:

"He told the producers that he smoked when he didn't, so that he was let off camera and out of camp and he would go an sit and have time out by himself and there was a fresh drinking fountain. Is that all true? Did you know that was going on Joel?"

Creasey revealed he had no idea t the time and wished he thought of it:

"We thought he was smoker and he was the only smoker in camp, had I'd known I would have taken up smoking because getting off camera means you could get away sort of get out vent and not say those crazy things that you wanted to say to people. Like me snapping at mere Hughes and yelling at people and crying on camera. If could've had 10 minutes reprieve I would have done that. 

"Meanwhile me and Chrissie Swan are boiling our bloody water and waiting for it to cool down. It was a nightmare I'm so angry at him."

McGilvray continued that Flintoff listed the things he wasn't afraid of so they would set challenges that he was totally comfortable with.

However, Creasy was being a team player and wanted to get hypnotherapy to get over his fear of snakes:

"It didn't cross my mind! The only thing I was going to do before the show was have hypnotherapy cause I have a real fear of snakes and then I missed my appointment because I was hungover."

There are reports the later season of I'm A Celeb aren't as hard to compete in due to celebrities writing into their contracts that they are allowed to leave to get their makeup done etc.  

However, Creasey thinks the times are changing the producers will be "cracking down" on the celebrities:

"I think the producers on to their tricks."

Even though Flintoff didn't exactly win fair and square, they still remain great friends:

"We have been very good friends but I am furious with him so he's got a very nasty Christmas gift coming his way. Also remember Freddie arrived as an intruder two weeks in."

Image: Channel 10


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Written By Christina Cavaleri