Joe Jonas Is The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend On The Chasing Happiness Red Carpet

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“Always make sure you get the shot.”

Just when we think we couldn’t love them anymore, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner do something that, well, makes us love them more. 

The couple attended the premiere of the Jonas Brothers’ new documentary Chasing Happiness on Monday and, as per usual, looked hot as hell. 

Yeah sure, Nick and Kevin looked good with their partners too but… Jophie. 

How Joe makes a turtle neck look  sexy and Sophie Turner always looks so beautiful we will never understand. 

ANYWAY, we don’t just love them for their charming good looks. We love them because they’re always unapologetically themselves. For example: when Joe stopped mid-red carpet to snap the perfect shot of his woman.

“Premiere Carpet Pro-Tip #1: Always make sure you get the shot,” Joe captioned the video, 

Premiere pro-tip? More like life tip. 

Seriously, can he come and train our partners up? They need some serious Instagram coaching. 

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Chasing Happiness is out now on Amazon Prime. 

Images: Frazer Harrison / Getty, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi