Jessika Power Confirmed For New Love Island Season

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It's going to be one helluva season.

NW Magazine has come out with one crazy spill of the beans:

Jessika Power, formerly of Married At First Sight, is set to shake things up for Love Island. 

"It's true, Jess has been poached by producers. They think she's the perfect fit for the show. She's never far from drama and has no problems partner swapping – not to mention she is ratings gold!" an insider reportedly told the publication.

"They're still in the middle of casting and need to see how it will work with the other applicants. But the plan is to introduce Jess as an intruder halfway through to spice things up."

And that's not all.

As part of her contract, NW report, Jess has negotiated that former co-star Ines Basic join her -  a contract clause we've yet to hear about but mmkay.

"They're a two-for-one deal these days. It doesn't feel like work when they are doing it together," the NW source continued.

Is Ines' involvement set in stone? Not even close.

Especially after Sophie Monk, the Osher Gunsberg of Love Island, told the publication the show "didn't really need" the MAFS stars and their drama. 

"The show's all there already," they report Sophie as saying.

Ines has yet to confirm the news or post anything on social, which casts a fairly big shadow over the rumours but, still nice to mull over ya know?

And that, dear friends, is the tea.

Image: Jessika Power / Instagram


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