Jessika Explains Exactly What Happened During The Whole Leg Rub Saga On MAFS

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Good lordy.

Last night's MAFS had everything.

Bathrobes, face masks, breaking of the fourth wall and a physical altercation over a leg rub (just in case you didn't believe those rumours about the contestants being forced to spend a lot of time together).

Long story short, Cyrell got physically violent with fellow contestant Martha after the latter gossiped about chatter Jessika and Nic (Cyrell's hubby) "rubbed legs" under the table.

Yes, that's a real sentence with real humans.

And according to them, real consequences.

The confrontation escalated to a point that producers were forced to break the fourth wall and intervene.

But now?

Well, Jessika has come clean, speaking to Now To Love about the incident and giving her side of things.

Jess told the publication that Nic"rubbed her leg with his leg" and at the time was unsure if it was "sexual or not".

"Nic rubbed my leg under the table with his leg. I told Ines and Martha at the time because I didn't know if it was sexual or not. There had been some sort of flirtation going on with Nic and I, but I always passed it off as quite childish," Jess explained.  

"I was really down that night because my husband was speaking to every other woman but me. We'd had a big week on the Gold Coast and he broke my trust. I was upset at the dinner party and I think Nic was trying to get my attention to see if I was OK," she continued.

"I don't know if there was more to it. We hit it off because we're the same person, we're both funny, we're both good looking. But there was never going to be anything between Nic and I. We are purely mates. It was blown up to something massive that it wasn't. I never had a connection with him romantically."

As for Nic? Well, he echoed the sentiment:

"I was trying to grab Jess' attention to see if she was OK. She was down in the dumps about her relationship and it all escalated from there. I didn't think much of it but the next day Martha approached me and said, 'I heard you were touching Jess up under the table'. I was like, 'Hold on! That's not true!' I wanted to get the bottom of it straight away so I tried to do the right thing by telling Cyrell.

"It wasn't sexual. It was a little leg touch, it was me reaching out with my foot. Jess is a bit of a flirt in general, that's her personality. But there was no malice in it. I was committed to Cyrell."

Image: MAFS / Channel 9 


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Written By Ally Parker