Jeffree Star Finally Weighs-In On “Dangerous” James Charles Drama

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“Things are getting crazy and we need to have a conversation.”

Things are getting out of hand with the whole James Charles V Tati Westbrook drama so we’re gonna keep this short and sweet for you guys. 

By now, you should all know the backstory and all of the he-said she-said. If you don’t, what have you been doing? Here’s all you need to know

Jeffree Star’s name has been dropped by all parties involved and he’s sent some pretty full-on tweets into the universe. 

FYI: Jeffree is the OG of all OGs in the YouTube makeup world. 

Now, Jeffree has finally weighed in on all the ~drama~ with his own video. 

Jeffree starts the video by promising to shed some light on everything: “Things are getting crazy, dangerous and we need to have a conversation,” he said. 

Then he spends the remaining 13 minutes apologising for jumping to conclusions, saying he’s not getting involved in the drama and that he doesn’t want to play games, so he isn’t going to provide the “receipts” he previously promised. 

As much as we love goss (not gonna deny it) we love genuine people more, so Jeffree gets some huge points for being the better person in this whole saga. 

Other highlights from the video include: 

  • Jeffree admits the beauty community has sucked the last few weeks (FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT). 
  • Apparently, it’s “one of the most important videos” he’s ever uploaded. 
  • He clarifies his friendship with James, saying they’re not the best of mates but they had a “real connection” (whatever that means). 
  • Jeffree says he mishandled their friendship and he has no hate in his heart for James or anyone.
  • “I’ve inserted myself into something publicly that I shouldn't have,” he said, adding “Moving forward I want to handle things way differently than I have in the past.” 
  • He says that people were pushing him/getting in his head and making him think things he didn’t fully believe. 
  • Jeffree apologises to James’ brother who he sent a nasty tweet to. 
  • OUR FAVOURITE PART: “I’m done with the drama, with the tea and I’m not talking about this anymore.” 

We, with the power vested in us by Queen Jeffree Star, hereby dub this drama officially over. 

jeffree star GIF

If you’re fully invested and want to watch the video for yourself, then check it out below:

Images: Jeffree Star / YouTube, Giphy / Giphy. 




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Written By Krisinda Merhi