It's Instagram official! Ashley Benson confirms romance with Cara Delevingne

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It was just about a month ago that we found out Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne were a 'Thing' but we're still reeling.

The pair were spotted mid-August engaging in PDA at London’s Heathrow Airport, with Ashley wearing a small gold necklace with the letter 'C', but refused to confirm the news in interviews.

Now it seems Ashley has made the pairing Instagram official with a few sneaky comments on a recent post of Cara's.

Under a gallery of images from a recent Balmain shoot, eagle-eyed fans noticed Ashley had commented “mine” before adding some suggestive emojis.

And we all know once it's on Insta, it's pretty official.

Ashley was asked about the relo in a recent interview with People, but stayed mum about the whole thing.

"I've always been very private about them, and I think it's just better," she explained.

"I mean it's hard... you kind of can't get away from [losing your privacy] if you're in the public eye.I just kinda try to keep myself as private as possible."

"That's one good thing about living in New York - I can live kind of a normal lifestyle," she added.

"In Los Angeles, the paparazzi are really bad, but here I can kind of just walk anywhere and not be bothered."

Cara was previously believed to be dating Paris Jackson after reported flings with singer St Vincent, Michelle Rodriquez and Rita Ora.

She and the Spring Breakers actor have been at the very least hanging since May, where they were spotted leaving a Lauryn Hill concert together and uploading a photo of the two on Ashley's Instagram.

While Ashley has yet to comment directly on her sexuality (which is totally her prerogative), Cara told Vogue:

“Once I spoke about my sexual fluidity, people were like, ‘So you’re gay.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not gay,’” she told the magazine in a 2017 interview.

“A lot of the friends I have who are straight have such an old way of thinking. It’s, ‘So you’re just gay, right?’ [They] don’t understand it. [If] I’m like, ‘Oh, I really like this guy,’ [they’re like], ‘But you’re gay.’ “I’m like, ‘No, you’re so annoying!’ Someone is in a relationship with a girl one minute, or a boy is in a relationship with a boy, I don’t want them to be pigeonholed. Imagine if I got married to a man.”

Image: Instagram / Ashley Benson


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