Ioan Gruffudd's ready to get shirtless in another Marvel movie

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Ioan Gruffud

If Marvel decide that they want to have a crack at an MCU Fantastic Four movie, Ioan Gruffudd is ready.

Ioan Gruffudd played Reed 'Mr Fantastic' Richards in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie and its sequel Rise Of The Silver Surfer – you know, the ones where future Captain America Chris Evans played the Human Torch.

Chris Evans Fantastic Four

Michael B. Jordan played the Human Torch in Fox’s 2015 F4 reboot – which apparently sucked in every conceivable way, with a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes – and he still went on to join the MCU in Black Panther this year as well. So there’s no reason Gruffudd couldn’t make his way back to the Marvel fold.

And he says that while “superhero body” meant something a bit different back in 2005, if Marvel came calling, he could totally pull a Chris Pratt.

“Oh, absolutely. Without a doubt. It would be a lot harder 10 years later, obviously, and you'd have a lot less sleep because I'm a dad. 

“But it's amazing. You can do it and the body can adapt. It's just the rest probably. I'd have less rest, and I probably wouldn't achieve the gains that I would want to achieve at this age.”

The 44-year-old does have a shirtless scene in the very first episode of his new Aussie procedural. Harrow stars Gruffudd as Daniel Harrow, a brilliant forensic pathologist (he’s brilliant!) with some authority issues (issues!) and a dark secret (secrets!).

“When I saw that [shirtless scene] after I got the part,” he says, “the carbs stopped immediately.”

Ioan Gruffudd

Harrow is set in Queensland, and the Welsh-born actor spent five months last year filming in Brisvegas. There he found that unlike your average British crime show – or his last show, Forever, in which he also played a brilliant forensic pathologist – there’s not a lot of standing around on windy cliffs or rainy streets in perfectly tailored outerwear.

“I felt very proud of myself for choosing the costume,” Gruffudd confesses. "We were looking for a very specific coat for Harrow, and then immediately regretted it on day one of filming because it was a wax coat that ... and I didn't breathe at all for the entire time.  

“But I suffered through it because, being a vain actor, I wanted to look good.”

Harrow premieres on ABC TV this Friday at 8.30pm.
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