'Invisible' Bikini The Latest Trend To Get Roasted Online

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Oh... wow.

We've seen some crazy 'bikinis' in our time.

Duct-tape? Yup.

Backwards seat belt? Yup.

Genital flossing one-piece? Can't unsee it.

And now? It would appear Instagram influencer Tammy Hembrow seems hell bent on blasting those controversies out of the water with a bikini that appears to be largely 'not there':

Comments on the post have ranged dramatically from praise - so many fire emojis - to outright disapproval.

"What is the point of that bikini?" one person wrote as another chimed in with, "Why have clothes on at this point?".

Others pointed out the fact Tammy has children: "Girl what are you doing. You have kids."

"U used to be hot now its just ranchy [sic] and classless and just cheap," someone else wrote.

"Have always loved Tammy and her account but there’s a line and this oversteps it."

"If you feel the need to post something like that to show the world, deep down you know somethings not right. And this isn’t the answer."

Tammy has somewhat addressed the controversy, uploading another bikini post - a video - captioned:

"Since some of you have so much to say about my tiny bikinis here is another one for u x."

It would appear Tammy obtained her bikini from retailer Oh Polly, who shared a pic of the Queenslander in a clear bikini earlier this year.

To each their own?

Image: Instagram / Tammy Hembrow


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Written By Ally Parker