The Internet Is Not Handling Trump’s New Hairstyle

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Hair we go… 

US President Donald Trump has a remarkably thick head of hair for a man his age. 

And he insists it’s al natural: 

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E brate e... #trump #donaldtrumphair

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Over the weekend the president revealed a new, slicked-back style in place of his normal toupee-esque ‘do. 

Making an impromptu pit-stop at Virginia‘s McLean Bible Church after a spot of golf, Trump removed his hat to reveal… this: 


If an image of a boiled egg floated through your mind just now, you’re not alone. 

While we can give Trump the benefit of the doubt and write this off as a bad case of hat-hair, Twitter wasn’t so forgiving. 

Actually, many people reckon the unkempt, natural hair is an improvement to his normal, um, style. 



Later that day Trump was photographed with his regular tuft of blonde hair atop his forehead, so we doubt the helmet hair will be a long-term ~look~ for him.


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Written By Brynn Davies

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Wait, what?!?

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