The internet is LOSING IT over this misheard Spice Girls lyric

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Spice Girls lyrics: they're a part of us, etched into our brains since childhood.

Well, get ready for your MINDS to be BLOWN.

Geri Halliwell left the world in shock when she Instagrammed some well-known Spice Girls lyrics this week - that are TOTALLY different to what we've been singing for the last two decades.

At the end of the song 'Spice Up Your Life', the Girls belt a catchy refrain that includes the word 'yes' in three different languages: Japanese, Spanish and German.

“Chicas to the front, hai si ja hold tight!”

Hold up.

How many of us have been singing “Hi C Ya” or “I See Ya” this whole time?!

Spoiler alert: Most of us.

Life will never be the same.

Image: Spice Girls / Instagram

Written By Hayley