The Instagram clue that gives away who Ali chooses on The Bachelorette

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The plot thickens

With The Bachelorette finale looming, it’s been the week for speculation and spoilers. 

Well we have ANOTHER one for you, but this time it comes from outside the Bachie mansion. 

Ali’s cousin Bianca, specifically her Instagram profile, could be the final piece of the puzzle. 

Not that it’s really a puzzle anymore because by now we’re PRETTY damn sure Todd is the winner. 


According to Instagram Bianca is followed by both Ali (duh) and, yep, Todd. 

Bianca’a profile is on private so her being Insta-friends with Todd would have to have been a deliberate decision. 

We know what you’re thinking. Maybe it looks like this just because we’re not following Tate or Bill.

Well jokes on you because we are (we’re obsessed, as if we’re NOT) and it looks like Todd is the only lad lucky enough to follow Bianca. 

So does this mean Todd has been welcomed by the rest of Ali’s family? 

It wouldn’t surprise us, given Bianca’s praise of Todd during her brief appearance on this seasons Bachelorette. 

“Todd, he was lovely and seems really genuine,” she gushed.

During her visit, Bianca and Ali’s friend Jess suggested that Ali give Todd more one-on-one time and lo and behold, he’s in the top three so it must’ve worked! 

With Bill already in paradise we know he’s not the winner so that leaves Taite as Todd’s only other contender. 

The competition could go any way but all the signs are pointing in only one direction. 

Images:  Channel 10 / The Bachelorette , Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi