Insider Shares Concerns For Liam Hemsworth Post Break-Up Announcement

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"He is now not in the right headspace"

In case you've been living out at sea without access to WIFI, chances are you've heard the news that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have decided to call it quits. 

After eight months of marriage, the pair announced they were going their separate ways. 

This Saturday, an insider has spoken to The Daily Mail alleging that Hemsworth has pulled out of promotional appearances to focus on his personal life. 

"He is not coming to LA for Killerman anymore even though he had told the film executives that he loved the movie and wanted to go full force into promoting it," the source told the outlet.

"He is deeply upset that things did not work out and stunned at seeing how quickly Miley appears to [have] moved on.

"He is now not in the right head space to step back into the limelight to do any promotion as he knows Miley's name will come up. 

"Liam is just surrounding himself with close family to try and heal and see what Miley does next. They want him to stay at home and heal.

"Even the thought of jetting back to LA is painful for him. The couple has a Malibu home, which Miley has returned to with Kaitlynn [Carter]."

However, despite the emotional claims, a statement given by the film studio behind Killerman indicates otherwise:

"While we obviously hoped Liam would be available to travel from Australia to LA to do some press and promo for the film, his availability was never confirmed and therefore, no junket or premiere was ever officially planned. Any story saying Liam cancelled press is inaccurate," a spokesperson told The Daily Mail. 

Shortly after news broke of the Hemsworth and Cyrus' break up, the Aussie actor stated he would not be speaking with the press about his private life. Cyrus, on the other hand, has been fairly open, sharing a number of posts to Instagram while vacationing in Italy. 

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