Ines has FINALLY broken her silence following reports she's "not coping"

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She's reportedly lost 12kg. 

This season’s queen of the villains, Ines Basic, has finally broken her silence after weeks of public criticism. 

Reports have been circulating that Ines hasn't coped with the internet backlash criticising her treatment of Bronson, and now her sneaky affair with Elizabeth’s hubby Sam. 

A source reportedly revealed to Woman’s Day that Ines’ tough on-screen persona unravelled after filming wrapped four months ago, saying the legal assistant is “living like a recluse” in her Brisbane home. 

"She's lost about 12kg since filming finished – and she was tiny to begin with," the source said.

"Everyone's really worried about her."

Outrage over her behavior has been so severe that Nine disabled comments on any Ines-related posts on the official MAFS Instagram, and have kept her media profile as low as possible.

While she's still posting MAFS-related content on her personal gram (it's a common contractual obligation to post about a reality show while it airs) she has been limiting and deleting comments. 


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If trustworthy producers and editors are to be believed (we’ll leave that judgement to you) Sam and Ines may have sealed the deal last night following a night out on the Gold Coast. 

This morning, Ines finally spoke out in an interview with 9Honey, defending her “emotionally charged” relationship with Sam. 

“We connected on a very different level. Like we didn’t really need to speak,” she told the publication. 

“We could just feel each other’s emotions. He said it was a very spiritual connection, a very mental connection. As if we could read each other’s thoughts and finish each other’s sentences.”

While their dinner date interactions didn’t exactly scream ‘soul-mates’ (how many observations can be made about olives?!) Ines insisted there is more to their relationship than the cameras show. 

“I was sort of expecting a more deeper conversation. I don’t know if it was because the cameras were around he didn’t want to be too vulnerable because off-camera he did open up a lot more when I spent the night with him,” she says. 

We’ll take your word for it girl. 

Written By Brynn Davies