Ines Flashes Bare Breast On Instagram Story And Lashes Out At Co-Star

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Ines may have left MAFS a few weeks ago (ah, it feels like yesterday) but one thing's for sure; she's not going quietly into that good night.

Ohhhhhh no.

The reality TV contestant - who previously provoked the ire of the 'net with a saucy pic or two on Instagram - has decided she's not content with mere sauciness.

After all, why be saucy when you can just go for gold?

The 29-year-old uploaded the above to her Instagram Story on Tuesday night.

She captioned the video, "Please don't act like you've never seen a ti**ie before. Women feed their children with these," and added, "When the MAFS cast [are] so desperate to make a headline they gotta tip the paps off to make a dollar out of you."

P.S. A little disclaimer: While we believe women's nipples are totally fine to be on screen, we have to admit that context is important. And nobody likes a passive-aggressive nip.

Daily Mail report Ines then took things to another level by hitting out at co-star Lauren Huntriss.

Screenshots from the publication suggest Ines responded to Lauren's worries about the legal assistant's behaviour with the below:

"Lauren b***h shut your f***ing mouth and get back to rubbing your c**t you absolute f***ing desmond."

Nova has reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

Image: MAFS / Channel 9

Written By Ally Parker
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