Ines' camo dress has sold out online and people have you no taste?

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2006 called - it wants its dress back. 

If Ines is your spirit animal and her taste in fashion is just so YOU - you’re out of luck. 

The camo zippered dress she wore on her secret date with Sam on Monday night’s episode of MAFS (and subsequently on her supposed walk of shame at the start of last night’s ep) is apparently this season’s next big thing, taking her from husband snitcher to fashionista overnight.

It's had such a response that it’s completely sold out online. 

The raunchy number may be reminiscent of the dress you hid in your bag (next to the water bottle of vodka) before leaving the house in jeans for a night of teenage debauchery, but hey - we all know fashion is cyclical. 

The outfit was sold on Topshop for $18.25 and on The Iconic for $32.48 - with both sites completely out of stock following Monday’s ep. 

The dress practically had its own role in Ines and Sam’s secret rendezvous, with Ines donning the outfit in the hope that Sam would be tempted to… erm… unzip her?

It turns out Sam’s taste in women’s fashion is pretty on par with his taste in women (like seriously how is he not deafened by alarm bells?!). 

“I love this dress. That [front] zip is killing me... you look so good,” he gushed, sipping his wine and oggling her *cough* zipper. 

“Yeah, I wore the zip for a purpose,” Ines smiled smirked and did the weird lip-sucky thing for the hundredth time. 

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While Sam and, it turns out, a sell-out amount of people think the dress is hot stuff, there’s still a lot of people out there (ourselves included) who remain a little miffed about the appeal. 

The dress is a serious throwback to our Supre days and belongs with our now-vintage collection of fluoro green boob tubes and low-rise shiny jeggings. 

Sportsbet have even weighed in on the fun, with Ines currently sitting at $2.00 to land an ambassadorship for Supre. 

Each to their own - if you haven’t had much luck on Tinder dates recently, maybe take a dress out of Ines’ cupboard; it sure seems to be working for her. 

Written By Brynn Davies