Ines Basic Has Posted A Pic Wearing Martha's Brothers' Pants And We're Officially Confused

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Married At First Sight contestant Ines Basic has been a bit... OTT on Instagram lately.

We've had a casual "tittie" [sic] flash, revelations of *cough* activities *cough* with co-star Sam and now?

Oh, just some hook-up goss with Martha's brother.

The 29-year-old has posted an Instagram story hinting at a potential fling with co-star - and friend - Martha's brother.

She can be seen wearing a black bra and what appears to be sport shorts, captioning the image:

"I'm looking for the location of where I left these shorts that actually belong to @martha__k brother. I really miss them."

To summarise: Ines has misplaced shorts that she took/borrowed from Martha's brother.

We don't know how she got her hands on said shorts. 

We don't want to speculate.

But girl.

Don't be losing stuff that ain't yours. Dog move. 

Image: Instagram / Ines Basic 

Written By Ally Parker