This is the impact online bullying has had on Davina Rankin

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Nobody should be made to feel like this.

Okay. Let’s start this off by saying that we are all very aware that Davina Rankin’s stint on Married At First Sight didn’t exactly leave her looking like a shoo-in for the title of Australian Of The Year…

She was caught pursuing another contestant’s TV hubby, had very little remorse when it all blew up and openly tried to stir drama during the final episodes of the show. Fans of the reality TV show were pretty damn happy to see the Insta-model face the consequences of her behaviour when the experts and her fellow contestants called her out for how she had acted and that's not exactly surprising. 


Blantent bullying, death threats and aggression is another thing entirely and it is never okay. 

During an interview on A Current Affair on Monday night, the 26-year-old revealed that she has been threatened pretty consistently as a result of her time on MAFS.

According to Rankin, Internet trolls have said "how they would assault [her]" if they ran into her in public: 

"It wasn't little bits and pieces, it was a lot [of] mean stuff," she said. 

"From my appearance to the things they would do to me in the street - how they would assault me, to wishing I was dead. It's insane.”

Rankin grew emotional as she elaborated on her experience:

"It's easy to say, 'Screw the haters', but they're pretty serious threats,” she continued.

The former reality TV contestant even went on to reveal that the backlash has affected her parents:

"I just feel really bad for them [mum and dad] because everything, it’s all on the Internet. It was really hard watching them feel so helpless."

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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