Iggy Azalea Sent Literal Vial Of Semen In Mail

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Just when you thought the mail was literally just bills and letters to Nan, along came some filthy bottom-dweller who thought it would be an excellent way to ferry jizz.


News out of the US today is more expletive-laden than usual after Iggy Azalea revealed her most recent offering of 'fan-mail':

The Austalian-born rapper took to Twitter on Thursday to share her outrage with fans after an assistant found the shocking package at her home:

’’Someone sent a vile [sic] of semen in the mail and the office assistant had to unknowingly open the package,” she wrote.

’’We have your DNA! Idiot. Hope you like the sex offenders registry [sic]." she added.

Please consider this your official reminder that sending people vials, beakers or any other container filled with body fluids is no bueno.

Can't believe we to say it, but there it is.

Image: Instagram / Iggy Azalea

Written By Ally Parker