HUGE news for The Bachelorette's Charlie Newling

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If you're anything like us, you saw Charlie Newling (code name: Tall Drink of Water) walk onto The Bachelorette and immediately became obsessed. We got to know him along with Ali and tbh had him pegged as the winner.

But apparently not.

The 31-year-old Sydneysider was previously spotted - in images exclusive to Daily Mail Australia - on what appeared to be a date with The Bachelor contestant Dasha Gaivoronski.

And while that was enough to make our jaws drop and eyebrows raise, the plot has officially thickened.

'Cause it looks like the pair have confirmed it.

During an Instagram Q&A, Dasha opened up the forum for questions - largely relating to her diet and fitness - but this was not what Charlie had in mind.

"What's with you and that hot, amazing guy that you're dating? You two look incredible together," Charlie can be seen asking in the Story.

"He is alright, isn't he? We're the besties of all times and understand each other like no one else. That's so rare these days," Dasha responded with light - but not enough - obscuring of Charlie's profile picture (his Bachette shot) and name.

The pair was previously spotted out and about together in Sydney, with reports Charlie had broken his Bachelorette contract by publicly entering a relationship while the show is still on air.

An insider recently reportedly told Daily Mail Australia that producers are "furious" with Charlie:

"He's a major part of the show and is being edited as the winner, or at least final three. It's frankly unbelievable he's doing this," the source told the publication.

"He's trying to sabotage the whole show. Who knows if his relationship with Dasha is the real deal - but one thing's for sure, we know he doesn't win. The ratings are bad enough as it is without the frontrunners giving away the ending."

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FINALLY!!! After years of stitch-ups, Wippa got one back in Fitzy:

Written By Ally Parker