Home & Away's James Stewart and Sarah Roberts announce engagement

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In the CUTEST way!

Home & Away stars and IRL couple James Stewart and Sarah Roberts are officially engaged!

The couple spilled the beans to New Idea mag, revealing how James' daughter Scout - from his relationship with fellow actress Jessica Marais - helped her dad pop the question.

Spoiler alert: it's bloody cute.

Speaking to the magazine, the pair recalled their engagement at the same restaurant where they had their first date:

“It was the last day of spring,” Sarah told the publication.

“Sarah’s birthday is Dec. 4, but I wanted to make it a surprise” James (known by Jimmy to his friends) added.

“Some good friends said, ‘keep it simple’. So, I was sitting in this Italian restaurant and I was sweating, but I kept it simple – which made it more real.”


James also revealed that he had been sitting on the idea of proposing for about six months and that it was his daughter Scout who helped make things a reality.

"Scout is watching movies with princesses marrying princes, so it was a gag for a long time where she’d say, 'When are you going to do that? You better do it quick dad! You’re going to lose her!' And one day I was like, 'Do it!'. So I spoke to my mum and she was like, 'Why the…haven’t you done it yet?!'".

"She [Scout] was so welcoming, her and Beve [Jimmy’s mum] both were. I was so lucky. I love hanging out with them both, they’re beautiful," Sarah added.

The couple also shared their plans to wed next year during spring.

"Spring would be a great time to have our wedding," Sarah told New Idea. 

"New beginnings, new life, new chapter. Jimmy’s family is from the Gold Coast and my family is from Melbourne, so it’ll be somewhere along the East Coast. I’ve asked my brother to walk me down the aisle."

And as for starting a family?

"We’ll see...You’d be an awesome mum," James said.

"You’re already an awesome dad," replied Sarah.

Image: Instagram / James Stewart


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