Here’s Pics Of Blake Lively With A Black Pixie Cut And Blonde Bowl Cut

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Not her best look.


Blake Lively is the OG rich girl hair goals. From the moment Serena van der Woodsen flicked her impossibly long, ‘undone’ curls in Gossip Girl we were obsessed. 

Which is why we’re thrilled that the black pixie cut you’re about to see Blake sport isn’t permanent:

TBH, even though this is possibly the worst ‘do she could have, it does prove that she can pull off absolutely everything. Damnit. 

The wig *phew* is one of many the actress wears in the trailer for her new movie, The Rhythm Section, in which she plays an assassin. 

Here’s Blake with a blonde bowl cut that any sane person would have regretted getting immediately. 

And here’s her kissing someone who’s not Ryan Reynolds with totally badass Jessica Rabbit-style red tresses. From the three wigs we’ve seen her in so far, this one is deffo winner winner chicken dinner: 

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast with Abbie from The Bachelor:

The film stars Blake, Sterling K. Brown and Jude Law, and is set to hit cinemas on 31 January 31, 2020. Blake plays Stephanie Patrick - a woman who discovers the plane crash that killed her family wasn't actually an accident and becomes a vengeful assassin to take out the person responsible. 

A vengeful assassin with bad taste in wigs, apparently. 

season 2 2x4 GIF by RuPaul


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Written By Brynn Davies