Here's Chicago West Playing Dress Up With More Money Than You'll Ever Know

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It hardly seems like breaking news, but in case you didn't know just how rich Kim Kardashian is, you're about to get a reminder.

And by 'reminder' we mean 'direct smack in the face'.

The reality TV star has shared a video of her youngest, Chicago, playing dress ups with her mum's bags.

But before you start thinking and commenting “OMG cute! Celebs are just like us,” stop - the truth couldn't be any different.

'Cause I've literally been making a long whining noise since watching this.

Misery loves company so please join me:



It's a lot to take for someone (see: me, and hopefully at least one other person on this Earth) who literally used a plastic Coles bag for dress ups and thought a Zooper Dooper was a treat.

Now before you think I've just thrown accusations into the wind please know that I've done my research.

While I couldn't find the exact Louis Vuitton bag pictured below (actually, the website knew I was too poor and wouldn't load them at all to start with) I did find several which fit the bill.

And LAWDY what a bill. Below are the Alzer 65 and Bisten 50, AUD$10,800 and AUD$7,300 respectively.

To put this in perspective, ABC report the average Sydney unit's rent as $530 a week.

And this bad boy? The one Chi Chi grabs at the last moment?

It's a Chanel vanity bag for AUD$2,450.

You probably understand that bit where I said “Long whining noise,” right now, don't you?

It's okay.

Safe space

Image: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Written By Ally Parker

In the most Chandler Bing way.

Please say it isn't so!

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