Here are the worst Grammys looks of all time to get you pumped

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The biggest names in music are currently preparing for the 61st annual Grammy Awards. 

But even makeup professionals, personal stylists and plastic surgeons cannot save some celebs from fashion tragedy. 

So while we wait for the 2019 red carpet to get cracking, we thought we’d warm ourselves up by judging all of the worst Grammys looks in history. 

Are you pumped?! Because we sure are. 

Olivia Newton-John

She might be Australia’s sweetheart and we might love her to death, but this ensemble is a hard no. We know it was 1983, but that prom dress situation with that hair that is giving us serious There’s Something About Mary vibes is just not okay. 

Nicki Minaj

Heaven help 2002 Nicki. 

And 2011 Nicki who served this look:

Someone call Tarzan. 

Alicia Keys

We’ve got a lot of questions for 2002 Alicia… 


We call this look ‘Traffic cone gets dipped in sequins and steals accessories from your grandpa’. 

Cyndi Lauper 

Girls just wanna have fun but there’s nothing fun about this 1984 ensemble. And her feet match her hair???

Destiny’s Child 

The biggest girl group in 2001 feat. their latest collab: Poison Ivy. 

Enrique Iglesias

Yes that is a V-neck sweatshirt with a collar. Yes he was wearing black leather pants. Yes he is on stage presenting. Yes it was 2015 not 1990. 

Taylor Swift

Remember when little baby-faced Taylor looked like this? With her princess dresses and sparkles and curls? 

Well, now we’re remembering how much we don't like purple ballgowns and matching shimmer eyeshadow. 

This was Taylor’s first Grammys in 2008 so we ALMOST forgive her. Almost. 

Missy Elliott

Killer performer, not a killer look (seriously why is purple leather and rhinestones a thing?!). 


Hey Pink in 2002. we think you forgot (half) your pants and smudged your makeup. 


Queen of all things and all looks except this one. The hair, the sleeves the garbage bag bottom- 2008 was definitely NOT Cher’s year. 

Frankie Grande

We’re pretty sure he went straight from a Vegas wedding to the red carpet with this look in 2015. 

Joy Villa 

You might not know who she is (she’s an American singer with lots of singles) but you will remember this dress but for all the wrong reasons. 

Just…no thank you. 

Andrea Echeverri 

Andrea is a Colombian rock/pop singer and no, she isn’t from the future. This is her TODAY. 2019. 

Is she a balloon? A gold condom? A toilet seat?? Because she sure as hell doesn’t look like a Grammy award (which is what we THINK he’s going for). 

Here’s hoping the rest of the 2019 Grammys red carpet is more, uh, normal. 

It’s only up from here! 

Images: WENN, Giphy / Giphy. 


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