Helena Criticises The Bachelor Producers For Editing Out The Real Reason She Dumped Matt

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Three time's the charm. 

Helena Sauzier may have only been wearing tennis whites for show during last week’s episode, but the makeup-breakup drama between her and The Bachelor had more back and forth than the Aussie Open.

After dumping Matt Agnew not once, but twice on national television (ouch) and then ending up with a rose anyway (ouch to Emma), Helena has since dropped some spicey details about the drama which didn’t make Channel 10’s edit. 

We all cringed along with Helena’s family when Matt bumblingly forgot that she spoke French on their first date. But was that enough of a “red flag” as she called it to warrant ditching him two times over? 

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But Helena told the Daily Telegraph that’s only part of the story. It turns out languages weren’t the only thing about Helena which slipped the Bachelor’s mind during their hometown date.

“I don’t know how much I am allowed to go into it but he forgot our meeting on the red carpet, then he got my occupation incorrect — he asked if I was a theatre nurse and I was like, what? Wrong girl,” the 25-year-old health and wellness coach revealed to the publication.  

“And he also forgot where I was from, Mauritius, and that had formed the basis of so many conversations we had over dates and stuff. So him getting three things in a row wrong — my heart kind of sank.”

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“But my whole family was kind of like, this is not a good sign. My feelings were strong then I took him getting all the above wrong as a sign that the feelings weren't being reciprocated.”

Just another dot point to add to the list of reasons it’s really not a good idea to date 28 people at once. 


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Written By Brynn Davies