Heidi Klum Just Won Halloween With The Most Intense Costume, Sorry Kim

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Seriously though, what is she?

Heidi Klum is known for going above and beyond for her Halloween costume. 

With prosthetics and elaborate wigs she's completely transformed herself from Jessica Rabbit to Fiona from Shrek.

This year, the supermodel/Queen of Halloween has unveiled her costume and it's her most gruesome to date. 

But this year she's in a whole new league. Heidi documented her elaborate transformation in front of a live audience at an Amazon bookstore in New York City ahead of her annual Halloween costume party - a party filled with the VVIPS of the world (again, just missed out on this invite).

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Even though Heidi's costume looks pretty damn complete, she assures fans that it's not. What more could there be and what TF is she?

The star is donning complete silicone prosthetics over her head, face and body. She's also wearing a bodysuit with exposed intestines and metal spikes along her back.

The costume has been in the making since August where Heidi shared a video of herself undergoing a body scan.

Some fans have made guesses on her 'Grams including a "Glowing Alien", "Cyborg Zombie" and "White Walker". 

While others are wondering how the logistics will work aka bathroom visits and how she gets out of it when she wants to hit the hay.

We’re putting our money on White Walker. 

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

Sympathies to the fan but hopefully they'll understand.

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