Health Experts Urge Aussies To Stay Home If You’re Sick

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And to get your flu shot ASAP.

Jon Snow has been warning us for a while now, and winter is finally here.

That means coats, hot chocolates and, unfortunately, the flu.

This year, Australia’s flu season has taken an unfortunate turn for the worst.

The death toll is rising across the nation and health experts are urging people to “stay home” if they are sick.

NSW Health Director of Communicable Diseases, Vicky Sheppeard spoke to about her concerns: 

“If you are unwell with the flu, stay at home and minimise contact with other people if possible, especially those who are particularly vulnerable, such as young children and the elderly,” Dr Sheppeard said.

“Avoid visiting aged care facilities and child care centres until you have recovered.”

Over in SA Nine News reports that health minister Stephen Wade has been urging the public to get their flu shot ASAP.

“It’s very important that South Australians take the opportunity to be vaccinated against the flu.”

You may think you look like a great worker rocking up to the office even though you're a ball of phlegm. 

But, seriously chuck a sicky because no one wants your germs. 

Image: Getty Images / Sasha_Suzi


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Written By Christina Cavaleri