Gogglebox Officially Looking For New Cast Members And It Could Be You

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Paid to watch TV? Where do we sign?

Your time to shine has finally arrived.

And by 'shine' we mean 'get paid to watch TV'. Either way, hella good times.

Gogglebox Australia has revealed a new casting search to further diversify the states represented on the show.

The program, produced by Endemol Shine Australia, announced their focus to bring in two households from Brisbane, altering the 60/40 Melbourne/Sydney split currently in rotation.

Executive producer David McDonald has said:

“We’re very excited to find Queensland personalities to put in the mix. When Gogglebox first started we were restricted in what we could accommodate with the fast turnaround of the show.

“Now in our fifth year of production, it’s time to expand, so it was decided (very wisely) to go north and capture the unique voice of the Queensland territory.”

Don't live in Queensland but keen to watch TV outside your usual remit? If the above is anything to go on, it looks like the Big Wigs are keen to broaden their horizons, so watch this space.

Or, you know, apply anyway.

'Cause this could be you:

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Written By Ally Parker

They look so alike!

"There’s no question they’re together.”

"She is a manipulator and it is time I tell her how it is."