Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready ‘Cause Step Up Is Coming To Netflix

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Hello young Channing Tatum. 

Step Up was my sexual awakening. 

I bet it was yours too, don’t try to deny it. 

There’s something about a young rebel Channing Tatum showing off some serious moves that made me hot under the ~ahem~ collar. 

Especially when his character meets Jenna Dewan’s character and you can basically SEE the sparks flying between them. 

I mean:

We can now re-live our teenage sexual frustrations / once again go gaga over young Tatum at a click of a button, ‘cause Step Up is coming to Netflix. 

The movie masterpiece will hit the streaming service on the 16 May, so you better rally your gal pals/prepare some popcorn/run yourself cold shower. 

^ Actual footage of me watching Step Up. 

Images: Step Up / Summit Entertainment, Giphy / Giphy. 

Written By Krisinda Merhi