Geri Finally Apologises For Quitting The Spice Girls And You’ll Need Tissues

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“I need to say something…”

It's the apology we have been waiting 21 years for. 

Geri Horner AKA Ginger Spice finally said “Sorry” for quitting the Spice Girls at the pinnacle of their fame.

In an emotional last goodbye to fans of their British reunion tour over the weekend, Geri opened her heart to a packed Wembley Stadium:

"It suddenly occurred to me this afternoon, I need to say something I should have said a long time ago: I’m sorry.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I left. I was just being a brat. It is so good to be back with the girls that I love."

Guys. I'm literally crying. 

When the news broke of Ginger quitting in 1998 millions of Spice Girls fans were shook. It was an unforgivable act. But this apology (and the reunion, of course) makes us want to forgive Geri’s mistake. 

Also - can we just appreciate the support from Mel C, Mel B and Emma as Geri apologised? If they can forgive, so can we.  

It would have been a rough time for them all because let's face it, when Geri left the band wasn't the same. She quit the band in 1998 saying she was suffering from exhaustion and needed a break, before later pursuing a solo career. Which, to be fair, isn't a rare thing to happen in show business. 

Two years later the band went on a hiatus.

The subject was again brought up in the 2007 documentary Giving You Everything, Geri stated that she felt like she “didn’t belong anymore”.

This year the Spice Girls minus Victoria Beckham have performed to 13 sell-out arenas across the country performing in front of around 700,000 people.

Maybe the whole Geri thing had to happen in order for us to receive the Girl Power we're experiencing today.


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Written By Christina Cavaleri