Georgia Love shuts down pregnancy rumours in the best way

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Leaving gals everywhere feeling triumphant AF

Georgia Love has burned women's magazine Woman's Day on Twitter and let's get one thing straight:


The former The Bachelorette star took to Twitter to slam rumours, started by the magazine, that she was pregnant - with literally zero evidence whatsoever aside from circling a body part - and her response?

Let's just say it needs to go into the hall of fame for it's use of the inverted smiley-face emoji:

While we'd love to talk about just how flat the caption "Lee and Georgia would make great parents" is, we're going to get real on something else.

Celeb and entertainment goss rules. We love it, you love it and it's all fun and games. To a point.

'Cause you know what's not good? Shaming women's bodies and making up rumours - literally, just by circling a body part - based on what sells.

Here's to many more inverted smiley faces Georgia.

Image: Instagram / Georgia Love


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