Game Of Thrones Season 8 Will Have A Red Wedding 2.0 To Mess You Up Even More

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The final season of Game Of Thrones hasn’t even been released and we’re already in a vulnerable state. 

Not only did we have to wait two whole years to get more GoT, but the we’re still reeling from how Season Seven ended. 

Also, the hype is so real right now we’re not coping. 

Three days guys. THREE DAYS. 

While we’re definitely excited for the new season, we’re definitely not emotionally prepared. 

We’re preparing ourselves for the worst (read: all of our favourite characters dying a bloody horrible death) and it seems like we may not be far off the mark ‘cause one of the directors of Thrones confirmed there will be a Red Wedding 2.0 in Season Eight. 

Not. Okay. 

We can’t deal with more of this: 

(Or any of the other stuff that is way too gruesome to include here/we’re too nice to put you through that kind of trauma again). 

David Nutter, the evil mastermind who directed The Rains Of Castamere episode, was asked by if fans should expect something as shocking as The Red Wedding. 

“The short answer is – yes!” he said. 

BRB while we cry ourselves into oblivion. 

David also spoke to the publication about the intense battle scenes in Season Eight, admitting they were “exhausting” to film: 

“They are, at the same time, sometimes tedious – because there’s so much minute detail to deal with, from both an acting and directing standpoint,” he said. 

“Horses, armaments, special effects are all vying for our attention and energy, in a lot of cases, and it’s true that it’s exhausting trying to lasso all of these elements into a coherent whole.”

Oh and the the cast and crew took a casual 55 days to shoot just ONE of those battles


We’re sure it will be epic. 

It will also probably ruin us. Stay positive guys and gals! 

Images: Game of Thrones / HBO, Giphy / Giphy.


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