The funny reason Macaulay Culkin still watches Home Alone

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It certainly isn't to critique his old work!

Among the many great Chrissy masterpieces that we will watch this year (and every year TBH), one film that will forever hold a spot in our hearts is the 1990 classic Home Alone

As it turns out, Macaulay Culkin still watches Home Alone every now and again, though for reasons completely unrelated to Christmas.

In a recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Macaulay revealed that he often watches the movie as a way to impress his girlfriends.

Well, well, well!

After Jimmy brought up the topic of Home Alone, Macaulay admits that he does get a lot more attention during the holiday period because of the movie.

But it gets particularly good when the former actor reveals that watching the movie has become a thing whenever he has a new girlfriend over.

Apparently his girlfriends find it hot when they watch Home Alone with the guy who starred in it. 

Sure, why not.

Perhaps it's best summed up by this little description by Mac:

"There’s Home Alone and she’s like 'Eh? You wanna watch it?’, and I’m like, ‘You wanna watch Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin, don’t you?’ and she’s like ‘Yes!’”

Well to be fair, it's not the worst reason in the world to watch Home Alone again!

Image: Home Alone/20th Century Fox


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Written By Alexander Pan