Four Gogglebox Australia faves are leaving the show

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All good things must sadly come to an end.

After word got out a couple of months ago that Wayne and Tom were probably leaving Gogglebox Australia after the latest season, we now have confirmation that they're not the only fan faves calling it quits on the hit show.

In a new post on Gogglebox Australia's Instagram page, it has been confirmed that Sydney housemates Angie and Yvie, and Wayne and Tom, will all be quitting and won't be coming back in 2019.

A goodbye message was also shared on Twitter:

"After eight amazing seasons [Angie and Yvie] and [Wayne and Tom] have decided it’s time to switch off their TVs and farewell #GoggleboxAU.

"We wish you all the best and thank you for all of your incredible TV watching! You will always be a part of the Gogglebox family."

Angie and Yvie also shared goodbye messages on their own Instagram profile and thanked all their fans for the support over the years.

All good things must sadly come to an end, but it does appear that all of the remaining couples and families still on the show aren't going anywhere just yet.

Since there's probably a few extra spots on the Gogglebox Australia cast just waiting to be filled up now, maybe you should consider tossing your hat in the ring because the show  looking for new cast members right now.

Wishing all the best to Angie, Yvie, Wayne, and Tom for whatever they do next!

Image Credit: Angie and Yvie/Instagram


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Written By Alexander Pan