Former MAFS star Ryan Gallagher reckons he's on the lineup to be Bachie

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Come again?

Yes, Dean Wells and Ryan Gallagher are making headlines this morning.

No, you haven't time travelled to April.

The boys are splashin' across social media after apparently having a big ol' fit at each other. While we're not so keen on a spat, there is a juicy little tidbit that has come from the altercation: Bachie rumours.

So here's the spiel: MAFS groom Dean Wells, 41, has released a vid following a feud with his co-stars (something about unfollowing each other blah, blah).

In it (and yes, you can watch the whole glorious thing below), Dean claims Ryan “got the call-up” from Warner Brothers, the producers of Bachie - Ryan later confirmed to Daily Mail that he was approached by Warner Bros but not the specifics of the call. 

But that's not all, in the same video, Dean - again, 41-years-old - explains that Ryan met someone overseas who was planning on moving from New Zealand to Australia to be with him only to dump "her straight away," after getting the call from Warner Bros. 

"[He] calls her and says ‘Sorry, I’m going off to be more famous, I’m gonna be the Bachelor, so we’re not a thing anymore,'" Dean alleged.

Dean also claims that the woman in question had already made the move to Sydney only for things to dramatically fall apart for ol' Ry.

"Channel Nine blocked him from being the Bachelor, so he couldn’t be the Bachelor anyway, so it was all a big waste of time.”

The news comes after rumours Scott Tweedie may be next to pick up The Bachelor franchise with a source close to the presenter confirmed to Confidential he was approached for the role after Channel Ten executives found out he had split from his girlfriend.

We don't know about you, but we're leaning a little towards Scott.

Image: Instagram / Ryan Gallagher


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Written By Ally Parker