Former Bachie Contestant Brittany Hockley Denies Brooke Blurton's Bombshell

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Who do you believe?

Producers of Bachelor In Paradise knew they had to come out with guns blazing after all the spilt tea in Married At First Sight. 

And after last night's episode, we're going to need a few mops for this season. 

During last night's premiere, Brooke Blurton - the favourite to take home Nick 'The Honeybadger' Cummins’ heart - sat down with fellow contestants Cass, Alisha and Cat to drop a bombshell.

"My last date with Nick, we were on a motorbike. I thought maybe I would be the girl at the end, but he stopped the cameras and smothered his mic to tell me that he wasn’t gonna pick anyone in the end.

"He told me not to tell anyone and I protected him for that reason.

"It ate at me, the secret of that just killed me... I couldn’t tell the other girls, and I felt that was really s**t...What are you supposed to do with that? Pretty much just broke my heart and then made me feel like I had to keep it a secret."

Sure Brooke can drop a bombshell like that and carry on living the high life in Paradise, but what about the rest of the girls from Nick's season who aren't relaxing with a piña colada?

Now to Love exclusively spoke to Brittany Hockley – one of the final two girls from Nick's season – and revealed she was told something entirely different:

"Look, I'm sure that what Brooke is saying, she honestly believes.

"I wasn't there at that time but I was told something different.

"It's in the past.

"There's no point in bringing it up. I would personally never go into it but Soph and I were told something very different."

Cut to us pleading Brittany to tell us what she was told:

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Written By Christina Cavaleri