The final two Bachelorette contestants have been (accidentally) revealed

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It's been weeks of drama, but we're finally at the business end of this year's Bachelorette when Ali chooses the winning bachelor out of the final three contestants - Taite, Bill, and Todd -on Thursday.

While we've been given mixed answers from each of the three finalists as to who wins, we can almost certainly rule out one name from the finale thanks to an accidental reveal.

In a series of photos from the set of the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise (via Daily Mail), Bill is clearly seen living it up with his fellow co-stars.

Seeing as how he's in Fiji instead of, you know, being with Ali, we can almost definitively rule Bill out of the running for the Bachelorette finale.

We can't show the photos of Bill in Fiji here because of reasons, but you can check them out right here.

What this means is that Ali's final choice will be either Taite or Todd.

HOWEVER, more photographic evidence has recently surfaced heavily suggesting that NO ONE wins at all. 

The Daily Mail reports that all three Bachelorette finalists were spotted in Fiji where Bachelor in Paradise is being filmed.

Seeing as how Ali is nowhere to be seen, there's a strong possibility that she doesn't end up choosing anyone and is actually still single.

Talk about an unexpected dramatic finish!

Sadly, we also can't show the new photos of Bill, Taite, and Todd in Fiji because of more reasons (you can check them out here though), so here are some kittens to make up for it.

Now nothing has been confirmed as to who wins or loses so we'll have to wait until Thursday for the final result to unfold before our eyes.

Having said that, Ali not picking anyone as the winner would be quite the twist ending to this event-filled season of Bachelorette and you can be damn sure we're keeping close tabs on what is going on.

Image: The Bachelorette AU/Channel Ten/Instagram


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