This Film Crosses Harry Styles With Fifty Shades And We're OBSESSED

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With the film and the hunk playing the lead... 

Feast your eyes on your new internet crush, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin:

Yes, you did read his name correctly. 

Actually, his middle name is Bouregard, which makes him Hero Bouregard Fiennes-Tiffin. Yep, that’s a thing.  

Anyhoo, the 21-year-old heartthrob is starring in the upcoming Harry Styles fan fiction cross Fifty Shades Of Grey, dubbed After

Check out the trailer:

The film is based on a book series by Anna Todd, and originates from her wildly popular 2013 Harry Styles fan fic.

It was so successful Todd ended up with a six-figure, multi-book deal (but had to change the protagonist’s name from Harry Styles to Hardin Scott for obvs reasons).

Paramount Pictures got the film rights and voila!

Now back to the REAL focus of the article, this dish:

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Our new fave mega babe has fame running through his veins. 

He’s the nephew of Ralph and Joseph Fiennes (the latter you know as Fred Waterford from The Handmaid’s Tale).

He also played 10-year-old Voldermort (aka Tom Riddle) in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. His uncle Ralph plays grown-up Voldemort.

He's still cute even when he's being creepy: 

Before you go crying nepotism, director David Yates told Entertainment Weekly that Hero's resemblance to his uncle wasn't the reason he was picked; the young stud earned the role because he “got the corners and dark moods and odd spirit of the character”.

He still looks pretty brooding IMO.

But like, hot brooding. 

He's also a Scorpio. 


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BRB, we're doodling his (really really long) name over our notebooks. 

Written By Brynn Davies