Feast Your Eyes On The Greatest Behind-The-Scenes GoT Photo Of All Time

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Courtesy of Sophie Turner of course.

Just in case you haven't already watched the finale of Game of Thrones, please let us say just one thing:

Mild spoiler alert!

Moving on.

It is our great pleasure to show you possibly the greatest behind-the-scenes pic from GoT ever. 

Served by none other than future BFF (if we play our cards right) Sophie Turner, the below can be described as the G.O.A.T and/or The Pic-Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Either way, we're loving.

Now, you may think you've seen every bit of goodness there is to see in this shot, but unless you play Where's Wally on a competitive level, we're willing to bet you've missed at least one thing.

First up, we have Maisie Williams being the human version of that ~cool~ emoji:

Second, Sophie Turner with her ever-present vape pen:

Third, those pins baby:

And the fourth, and most missed bit?

That sneaky water bottle on Bran's aka Isaac Hempstead Wright's head.

Ah Sophie, we’ll miss your fire BTS photos.

We guess we’ll just have to make-do with videos like these:

Image: Instagram


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Written By Ally Parker