Feast Your Eyes On A Blessed Baby Ciarran Stott

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A natural blonde apparently.

We've seen him twerk across our screens as the animated, well-dressed The Bachelorette contestant but now?

Well now we're treated to lil baby Ciarran Stott.

The reality TV contestant - one of our all-time faves if we're being real - posted the throwback pic to Instagram with the caption, "Been napping since ‘93".

The share comes after Ciarran was forced to bow out of the competition. His nan, with whom he was very close, tragically passed away while filming.

Does anyone else Ciarran and his presence on our tellies twice a week?


P.S. We played a little game of Has Ciarran Been Watching The Bachelorette? with the man himself:

Written By Ally Parker

Sympathies to the fan but hopefully they'll understand.

"Our country is currently in a national emergency from fires at the moment."

Officially NOT Harry Styles.