Fans spot massive editing fail on Married At First Sight

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Another day, another editing gaffe for the Married At First Sight team. Today, we’re checking out some curious elements linked to texts exchanged between Carly and TV “hubby” (for how much longer, though?) Justin.

The team at Mamamia has gone full Sherlock mode and has uncovered a few questionable facts about conversation…

Let’s take a look, shall we?

First on the agenda: the publication shared that they noticed the time stamps on Carly and Justin’s phones didn’t match up… at all. 

Carly’s cringe-worthy sext to Justin (while he tried on a mesh t-shirt that we can never unsee) is listed as having been sent at 3.49pm. 

That text (we’re sorry for making you relive this, by the way) read: "Are you wearing any underwear?! Maybe you shouldn't be..." 

Cut to Justin’s phone and we can see he received a text from Carly about underwear, but at 2.18pm - i.e. BEFORE Carly had sent it. 

But wait! There’s more. 

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When looking at Justin’s phone, you can see that the text said:

"Are you wearing any underwear?! Maybe you shouldn't..." 

IT’S NOT THE SAME TEXT MESSAGE. The version on Carly’s phone ended with the word “be”, y’all! 

This all comes after eagle-eyed fans spotted that this same convo showed that perhaps that awkward AF kiss on the commitment ceremony couch wasn't so spontaneous, after all. 

Guys... we don't know about you, but we're starting to think that maybe reality TV isn't as authentic as they make it seem? SHOCKING, right?

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