Fans Furious Over Editing Fail In Game Of Thrones

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Not again HBO.

*WARNING: This story contains spoilers from season 8, episode 5*

If you've been on the internet today you would have noticed GoT fans are at their absolute wits’ end with HBO after yesterday’s episode. 

There’s a number of reasons for this.

The Lannisters surrendered but for some reason, Daenerys still decided to torch all of King's Landing (almost killing Arya) like a pyromaniac. Meanwhile, Jaime got to Cersei just in time for the Red Keep to fall down on their heads. The Hound killed his brother, and also himself in the process. And you know, the first seven seasons felt like a little bit of a waste. 

Fans are in a sensitive place right now, so it really wasn’t the best time for HBO to go and make another editing fail just one week after the Starbucks debacle.

A picture of Jaime Lannister embracing his sister, Cersei with his two hands surfaced yesterday. 

Yes, did just read “Two hands”. As in including the one he lost back in season 3.

The promo image has left many scratching their heads and taking their anger out on their keyboards. 

Where is his fake gold hand?

However, after researching the episode it is clear that this shot is never shown. So where did the still come from?

BuzzFeed News spoke to show photographer Helen Sloan, who takes the photographs which are released immediately after Game Of Thrones airs. She revealed most of these photos are taken on set, before CGI. 

Okay, are we happy? Can we cross that off the ‘Reasons We're Shaking Our Fists At HBO' list?

Good. Great. Moving on. 

One more episode everyone, we must stay together during this time. 



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