Fans are sure Matty cropped the winner out of a new Instagram post

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We're not sure about this, but if Matty's fans think so...

Since The Bachelor, which wrapped filming in April, began airing on Channel Ten two weeks ago, Matty Johnson has rarely posted to Instagram. So, on Sunday when he shared an adorable photo of him and his mum on the platform, fans took notice.

Looking his usual perfect blend of nice / hot, Matty’s smiling in the pic with his arm draped over his adoring mum, who's gazing up at him.

"Sunday spent hanging out with my biggest fan."

In general, Matty’s ‘gram feed is littered with well-lit, well-crafted shots. And while this one was no exception, there was something strange about the cropping. Naturally, eagle-eyed fans that will peck at anything Matty throws their way were quick to notice.

They reckon Matty cropped out the winner, standing on the other side of him.

"I think the winner is cropped out on the left," the Daily Mail found one commented. Another one wrote, "I feel like you cropped out your girl."

This user was v. v. presumptious, a) assuming he cropped someone out and b) assuming it was Laura Byrne, the show's favourite to win: "Can't believe he cropped Laura out! I doubt she could ever take a bad photo."

Previous Bachelor couples revealed they were only allowed to meet up in safe houses in the middle of nowhere so Matty bringing the winner to hang out with his mum openly on a balcony is pretty far-fetched in my humble opinion. Just sayin'. 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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