Sam Webb reveals TRUTH behind brother's MAFS appearance

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"Daniel is fully supportive..."

We've already seen photos of one possible intruder, but there are reportedly four gatecrashing the Married at First Sight experiment.

Father-of-one Daniel Webb, 35, is set to enter and you may be thinking his last name sounds familiar.

Well, you are correct.

Daniel will not be the first TV star in the Webb family. His brother, Sam Webb, 30, starred on Survivor, Neighbours and Home And Away.

But the poor guy has been the target of a few headlines regarding his brother's appearance on MAFS. 

Reports surfaced claiming the actor said he "refused" to be seen on MAFS, so we thought we'd give him a call.

Speaking to Nova Entertainment, Sam revealed why he was not able to attend his brother's wedding:

"I didn't refuse to attend the wedding, it was advice from my agent for my acting career. He said to 'try not to get involved'. 

"Daniel is fully supportive! I'm looking forward to Daniel entering the show. I think he'll do great! My bro is a legend and I'm sure Australia will love him.

"I'm fully supportive of my brother's decision."

Along with being the CEO of the mental health and suicide prevention organisation LIVIN and just wrapping up his time on Aussie soap Neighbours, Sam is preparing to head over to the US.

"I'm in a short process of heading across to America for my acting and charity. Going to do some training on the ground.

"It's [acting] a long journey, but I'm very patient. I want to go there and get a better understanding of the business. 

"I'm so grateful for my roles so far, it's such a hard industry, there's so much work that goes into it that people dont see."

It is believed Daniel will be paired with fellow intruder Tamara Joy.

Image: Married At First Sight/Survivor/Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri