Everyone’s talking about the massive wedding gift the Queen gave Harry and Meghan

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Thought we were done with news on the Royal Wedding? Think again, folks! 

We will be obsessed with that day until the end of time. 

According to reports from The Metro, the Queen went all out when it came to choosing a celebratory gift for the happy couple and gave them an entire country home. 

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The cottage, which sits in Norfolk, has been in the Royal Family since 1862 and before it landed in the hands of Queen Elizabeth II, belonged to her father King George VI, news.com.au shares.

Apparently, the property sits on a quaint 20,000-acre estate (Sandringham Estate) and was once known as Bachelor’s Cottage (we’re not exactly sure why, but we’re assuming it’s an interesting reason).

Before you ask the question: yes, the Queen did the same with Kate Middleton and Prince William. She also gave the couple a home on Sandringham Estate after they wed. Where it is in comparison to Meghan and Harry’s home, however, we couldn't tell ya - it is a 20,000-acre estate, after all.

Anyway, long story short: the Queen is a great guest to invite to your wedding and she is definitely better at giving gifts than anyone else we know. 

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