The ENTIRE WEEK of Bachelor in Paradise they didn’t put to air

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Can we see this footage, pleaaaaaaase?

Watching reality TV, we’re all aware that not everything that happens can make the cut.

But the Bachelor in Paradise producers left out something pretty important from broadcast – basically a whole week!

The fake love letter sent to Elora, supposedly from American Jarred but actually from Eden, was presented as a cruel trick out of nowhere but one contestant says that wasn’t what really happened.

Leah Costa has told Marie Claire, the letter was actually part of series of funny stitch-ups.

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“The truth is it was part of a prank week. Lots of jokes were played, jokes were played on Lisa, on Keira, on me…. you get bored in Paradise!”

“So the letter was part of prank week, and it was supposed to a lot more light-hearted than it was made out to be on television.”

As for the rumours that Sam and Tara actually wrote the letter? Leah drops hints but won’t confirm.

“It was more that a lot more people were involved. But I don’t think it’s helpful to name names.”

It might not be helpful, Leah. But we need to know for gossip purposes. PLEASE DROP THE NAMES!


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