EMBARRASSING: Geordie Shore stars caught in 'blazing row' at EMA's

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But rumour has it they're back together again!

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear have broken up and gotten back together a couple of times lately with the pair most recently spotted at the MTV EMAs looking very cosy together. However, the pair is said to have been involved in two "blazing rows" at the award show after party. 

According to Daily Mail, the pair were caught in a heated argument with a source saying:

"Bear and Charlotte were kissing and hugging. They were inseparable the whole night and entered the party together."

Another onlooker told The Sun:

"Charlotte and Bear were all over the place. One second they were kissing, cuddling and laughing, and the next they were having screaming matches."

“Not long after arriving, Charlotte stormed off and Bear was rushing after her saying, ‘Babe, babe,’ but she wasn’t having any of it and walked away. She was clearly angry. But ten minutes later they were kissing again.

“But later on they really went for each other and had a massive screaming match outside the toilets. They seemed oblivious to everyone else around them and were really angry. She stormed off and he looked very frustrated by it all.”

It comes after reports Stephen turned up at Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei's birthday party and begged to speak with Charlotte in a bid to get back together. Charlotte also reportedly ditched the IT Girls and MTV EMA Correspondents Dinner on Saturday in order to meet up with him.

Stephen sparked further speculation the pair was back together after sharing a photo of himself looking over the London skyline from a hotel balcony while wearing a white bathrobe. 

One fan wrote below the snap, "That looks like the place you and char used to be in together.” Another added, “The hotel balcony of the room him and @charlottegshore stayed in last night after the ema's [sic].”

Weirdly, at the EMA's Charlotte spoke to Daily Mail and said she was "very strong and very single".  Hmm, we're not so sure...

Image: Charlotte Crosby/Instagram


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