Elsa Pataky has no problem watching hubby Chris Hemsworth's sex scenes

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Talk about chill!

When you're an actor, there's a chance that you have to do some sex scenes as part of your work. It's just part of the job.

Things get weirder when you're dating someone since they'll inadvertently end up seeing you making the (fake) dirty with someone that's not them onscreen.

But if you're Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, then you have no problem watching each other's onscreen sex scenes whatsoever.

In a new interview with OK! Magazine, Elsa revealed that not only has Chris seen all her sexy scenes (and there are a bunch of them in her new Netflix show Tidelands), she's also seen all his (he's had a few as well, particularly in the film Rush).

However, she says that it's nothing more than an average work day for them.

"Yes, it’s part of our work. We know that, you know? It’s what we do, and there’s nothing there [with our co-stars]. We’re all very professional.

"Like, c’mon. His best friend came to me and was like, ‘That was horrible!’ and I was like, ‘Well, settle down, because Chris has had a lot of them, too.’

"We’re kind of equal in that way. It’s just part of our work, and I don’t feel any threat around it."

Talk about being chill!

Elsa also talked a bit about playing her Tidelands character Adrielle - who is half human and half siren - and said that the character came very natural to her, right down to all the sexy stuff.

"Oh, that’s natural [laughs]. I think you just play with it. I think when you read the story and you know it’s there, that sensuality.

"It’s interesting, how to use it as a woman, you know? She knows the power that she has with that, and how she could play with it in every situation. It’s interesting.

"Women in general, we know that, and it’s one of our little weapons that we have to use whenever we want.

"In that [first sex] scene, it’s not so much about sex. It’s about power, and the relationship between two characters that actually distracts you from what is happening. It’s a very different kind of sex scene, I think."

Not only is Elsa completely cool with her hubby getting his kit off with another lady (on screen) and vice versa, but she's also completely in tune with her inner sexy badass.

Damn, talk about couple goals right here.

Image Credit: Elsa Pataky/Instagram


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